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The exhibits in Karen Demirchyan museum are presented in two adjoining and interconnected halls. Photos and items in the first, larger, hall introduce visitors to Demirchyan's life and activities from his early years up to the last days. Also here are demonstrated gifts presented to Demirchyan by various people: country leaders, famous persons and ordinary citizens. The wall opposite to the main entrance of the room is decorated with a fresco painted by architect Albert Sokhikyan.

The second room is the replica of the first secretaries' office. The furniture here is authentic. The desk demonstrated in the hall, served Demirchyan both during his tenure as the first secretary of the CC of Communist Party of Armenia and as Chairman of the National Assembly. The museum has at its disposal a large collection of documents, photos (over 3000 units) and videomaterials. Visitors may watch videos on the monitor placed in the first hall.

The collection of books in the library of the museum may be helpful to those interested in the soviet period of Armenia's history. Of special significance are Demirchyan's notes in his handwriting kept in the archives of the museum.
Along with the permanent exhibits the museum holds also temporary exhibitions dedicated to various themes and events. To this aim the museum makes use both of the main premises and the special pavilion in the backyard.

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big_image_1 A copper vessel from Van: The vessel was brought to Armenia by a Van refugee in 1915 and kept as a relic from historical motherland. In 1982 it was presented to K. Demirchyan on his 50th anniversary.

big_image_2 The model of Komitas' statue placed in front of the conservatory in Yerevan. Presented to Karen Demirchyan by the author - Ara Haroutyunyan in 1982.

big_image_3 "Easter egg". A jewellery composition dedicated to the memory of Karen Demirchyan. The work is implemented in Faberge style by Arshak Manukyan.

big_image_4 A wooden tray with the varieties of nuts growing in Armenia. In response to the call made by Demirchyan the Armenian Komsomol (Young Communist League of Armenia) implemented the program of nut tree planting. To mark this event the Central Committee of YCL presented to Demirchyan this work of armenian masters.

big_image_5 Karen Demirchyan's diaries. The notes were taken down by K. Demirchyan in the years following his resignation from the post of the first secrtetary of the Central Committee of CPA with a view to writing memoirs.

big_image_6 A commemorative medal of the world championship on weightlifting. The medal was presented to Karen Demirchyan by repeated weightlifting world and Olympic champion Yuri Vardanyan in 1982.

big_image_7 A souvenir made of a walrus' tusk. The souvenir was presented to Demirchyan by the delegation from Yakutia on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of unification of Russia and Armenia.

big_image_8 Indira Gandhi presented these chess figures to Karen Demirchyan during her official visit to Armenia in 1976.

big_image_9 The model of Dante's statue. Was presented to Karen Demirchyan on his 50th anniversary by the author - Levin Tokmajyan.

big_image_10 Wooden spoons. This work was presented to Karen Demirchyan by the author Grigor Khanjyan հեղինակից:

big_image_11 "An embroidered cross". The embroidery is performed in technique of Ayntap and Urpha masters by Armine Hayrapetyan. The author presented it to the museum in 2002 on the occasion of K. Demirchyan's 70th anniversary.

big_image_12 "The creator". A jewellery composition by Sargis Sahakyan. The composition is dedicated to the memory of Karen Demirchyan. Gilded silver.

big_image_13 The model of the "Meteor" satellite. The "Meteor" satellites' chief desingner A. Iosifyan's present on Karen Demirchyan's 50th anniversary.

big_image_14 Catholicos of All Armenians Vazgen I presented this silver goblet to Karen Demirchyan on the occasion of his 50th anniversary.

big_image_15 "Application": The famous miniaturist Edward Ghazaryan submitted an application to Demirchyan written on a rice grain. The application is legible under a microscope.

big_image_16 A decorative caldron on a tripod..Copper. Author: Artsrun Berberyan. Poetess Silva Kaputikyan's present on the occasion of K. Demirchyan's 50thanniversary.

image Famous anchorwoman Nara Shlepchyan presents to the museum the photo of the Sports and Concert Complex in fire. This unique photo was shot by Shlepchyan from the balcony of her appartment.
image The museum presents to the director of Yerevan Cognac factory Ara Grigoryan a "manuscript" signed by all the directors of the factory in 1986 on the occasion of sealing a tun of cognac for 100years.
image The Night of Museums. A group of soloists of Yerevan Opera Theatre at the evening party dedicated to russian romance.
image A group of artists - participants of the painting exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Karen Demirchyan.
image Director of the museum Vahag Mamyan introduces minister of culture Hasmik Poghosyan to the exhibits of the museum.
image The former long standing director of the Museum and Institute of Genocide Lavrenti Barseghyan shares his reminiscences of Karen Demirchyan.
image Rima Demirchyan and a group of schoolchildren of the Yerevan school named after Khachatur Abovyan.
image A group of students of Yerevan Institute of Pedagogues on the excursion.
image Celebrating K. Demirchyan's birthday in the museum.