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Fadey Sargsyan's 95th anniversary at Karen Demirchyan museum

It has become a good tradition of the museum to turn to the life and activities of Demirchyan's associates.This time it was Fadey Sargsyan's - the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Armenian SSR - 95th anniversary that was celebrated here. The commemorative evening was attended by the members of F. Sargsyan's family, academicians of the National Academy of Sciences, eminent figures in culture, representetives of various social strata who knew F. Sargsyan and contacted with him on diverse matters.
Academician Vilen Hakobyan opened the event and introduced F. Sargsyan's life and activities as well as informed the audience that the Council of K.Demirchyan Foundation had conferred its commemorative medal on F. Sarghsyan posthumously. After that warm speech the director of the foundation Rima Demirchyan handed the medal to Sargsyan family. F. Sargsyan's daughter Tamara delivered an acceptance speech at the end of the ceremony. The event ended with a concert given by talented young performers as well as singer Artur Ispiryan and renowned piano player People's Artist of Armenian SSR Svetlana Navasardyan.