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October 27 is one of the darkest pages of our modern history

The day of October27, 2018 marked the 19th anniversary of the terrorist act carried out in the Armenian Parliament. That day K. Demirchyan museum staff along with hundreds of other citizens traditionally paid their tribute to Demirchyan's everlasting memory by visiting the Pantheon and laying flowers on his tomb.

St. Petersburg cultural program in Yerevan

On October 1 a photo exhibition was opened in K. Demirchyan museum. The action was held within the framework of St. Petersburg cultural program dedicated to Yerevan's 2800th anniversary. The exhibition was entitled "St. Petersburg: the poetic reality".

Fadey Sargsyan's 95th anniversary at Karen Demirchyan museum

It has become a good tradition of the museum to turn to the life and activities of Demirchyan's associates.This time it was Fadey Sargsyan's - the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Armenian SSR - 95th anniversary that was celebrated here.

September 22-23: "Days of European Heritage".

On September 22-23, within the framework of the annual all-europian program "Europian Days of Heritage" K. Demirchyan museum introduced the works of Armen Hakobyan.

May 19, 2018. Night of museums: "Ultra-connected museums: new museums, new communities".

This year K. Demirchyan museum al;so joined the above mentioned action. After 30 years from the days of their writing "The Karabakh diaries" were introduced to the publc. Due to its content the temporary exhibition titled
"Between a rock and a hard place" became a source of new approaches for the studies of the initial stage of Karabakh movement.