About K. Demirchyan

From Karen Demirchyan's diaries

image If we consider thoroughly and with due political impartiality the destiny of our communist leaders (starting from Khanjyan), we will see, that they (more precisely majority of them) never enjoyed the trust of the Central Government (they were always suspected of nationalism). The following should be mentioned here: the political arena of our Republic was overfilled with national problems, with the sorrow of national losses. One of the key factors in the political life is the involvement of a number of intellectuals, workers, farmers full of patriotic sentiments. Overwhelming majority of these people was sincerely seeking to support in the achievement of national goals (though getting overenthusiastic sometimes here would cause big losses). Of course among these people there were those who were striving to make political capital (in the broad sense of the word) through various expressions of pseudo-patriotism and positioning themselves as leading personalities. On the other hand, the political arena in Armenia, more than anywhere else, was overfilled with orthodox supporters, the ones who are even more Catholic than the Pope, with cosmopolite place-hunters and other riffraff. If the staunch supporters, those who are true devotees (though erroneous) can deserve respect, what the others deserve is sheer disdain. This is the kind of scornful crew that the Central Government was used to rely on in the promotion of its policy. These were the people through which the Center was getting discrediting information about the leaders of the republic, which were fabricated or at the best case exaggerating certain mistakes or shortcomings in the work, and were mostly of provocative character. Every single step of authorities of the Republic (and this refers to two directions- the national issues and the social conditions) was examined and presented to the Central Government as something negative (either as an indication of nationalism or corruption). As if by the movement of conductor's baton of the Central Government, at the right moment the leader was being hailed with this damaging information sent to the Central Committee of the Communist Party, to mass media etc. The Central Government was using all these for two purposes: a) to suppress the defiant leader of the republic blackmailing them by the public opinion and b) to create negative public opinion about the leader through mass media and other possible means to avenge on the leader. Here we must mention about an army of reservists, consisting both, of cosmopolite and nationalistic type of careerists, who were always engaged in all kinds of filthy tricks of the Center, and were injecting the virus of political instability in the republic, thus coming to power. These were the conditions, under which the leaders of the republic had to work, maneuvering between these two forces. Agreeing to the proposals of sound patriots, the leadership, as a rule, had to dissimulate its activities to avoid the attacks of both, the Center, and their people, careerists ready to nip in the bud solution of any problem. This was causing discontent among sound powers, provoking distrust towards the leadership. So it happened, that the leaders who were trying to promote, implement correct, sound ideas were falling under the attack of both, their supporters and opponents. The sound forces were blaming the leaders for just fooling around, and the opposing side was accusing them of nationalism. Therefore, very often the leaders were settling national issues covertly publicizing them only after succeeding in their solution. In case if the solution was not reached, the leadership would not even mention about these issues being brought to the attention of central authorities. I myself have settled number of issues (language, Diaspora, closing of Nuclear power plant, Nayirit and many others ) engaging very few people, and have announced about it only after reaching a solution (I would not tell anyone even about the issues which were settled partly, since this could damage the process).