About K. Demirchyan


image "Memory". Written by Karen Demirchyan's widow Rima Demirchyan, "Memory" is, by far, the most comprehensive work about Demirchyan's life and his times. Full of subtle observations and little known details the book might be of interest to a large circle of readers. Available in armenian and russian. "Edit print" Publishing House, Yerevan 2012 pp.560.

image "Days behind lines. From Karen Demirchyan's personal organizers". Exerpts from the organizers involve the period of time from 1976 to 1979. The book might be of interest both to historians, specializing in the soviet period of Armenia and to large circles of readers. In russian. Yerevan, 2010, pp. 375.

image "Karen Demirchyan: word of memory". The speech of the chairman of the Constitutional Court of Armenia Gagik Haroutyunyan at the commemorative meeting dedicated to Karen Demirchyan's 70th anniversary on April 17, 2002. The book comprises the armenian text as well as its russian, english and german translations. Yervan 2006, pp. 81.

image "A minute of silence". Selection of poems dedicated to Karen Demirchyan and written by most various ordinary people. The selection ends with the poem "A minute of silence" by Silva Kapoutikyan. Published by Armen Darbinyan. "Gitutyun" Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Yerevan 2005, pp.136.

image "Drops from Big Sea". The book has a subtitle: "Karen Demirchyan in memories of grateful contemporaries", which completely characterises the content. Two volumes in Armenian.Volume I: "Gitutyun" Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Yerevan 2002, pp.500. Volume II: "Gasprint' Publishing House, Yerevan 2010, pp.357.

image "Karen Demirchyan". The book comprises the word of contemporaries about Karen Demirchyan as well as some excerpts from his handwritings. The texts are in armenian, russian and english. Publised in three variants: paperback, in leather cover and the souvenir edition with an onyx cover. "Hayagitak" Publishing House, Yerevan 2000, pp. 436.

image "Karen Demirchyan: Bibliography". The list of Karen Demirchyan's speeches, works, reports as well as documents signed by him, published in press, books and collections of works. In armenian and russian. "Girk" Publishing House, Yerevan 2002, pp. 127.