About K. Demirchyan



image Karen: bottom row, second left Karen Demirchyan was born on April 17, 1932, in Yerevan. Both his parents - father Serob Demirchyan (1902-1966) and mother Lusik Karakhanyan (1906-1972) were from Western Armenia: Serob from Erzurum and Lusik from Van. Surviving the 1915 Genocide but losing their kins they, yet kids, fled to East Armenia and were brought up in an orphanage founded by american missionairs in Alexandrapol (now Gyumri).
Serob graduated from an artillery school and was appointed commander of an artillery battery. After his marriage he quit the military service and started to work, first, at Yerevan railway system, then at Gyumushges hydroelectric power station in Kanaker. Lusik worked as a teacher at school. She was also an elected member of Yerevan City Council. Serob and Lusik got married in 1927. Karen was their second male child. The first son, Kamo, was born in 1928.
According to Kamo Karen was a brilliant student notable for his diligence and self-discipline. "He was a very lively and witty kid", - Kamo recalls.
After finishing a boys' school in 1949 Karen passed the entrance exams and was enrolled at Yerevan Polytechnic Institute Department of Mechanical Engineering. image The student of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute Karen's active nature and organisational skills were revealed yet in the years of his studies at Polytechnic Institute. He was elected secretary of Komsomol (Young Communists' League) organisation of the Mechanical Engineering Department and a member of the institute's Komsomol Committe. Also he was the chairman of Students' Scientific Council of the institute. It was for the first time in the history of the Polytechnic that this post was entrusted to a student. In 1954 Demirchyan joined the Communist Party as a candidate member.
After graduating with honours from the Polytechnic in 1954 K. Demirchyan joined one of scientific and research institutes in Leningrad affiliated with the Ministry of Defense as a design engineer. In 1955 he became a full member of CPSU. However, he couldn't stay for long in Leningrad because of family circumstances: Kamo also lived in Leningrad and Karen didn't want to leave parents alone. In October 1955 Demirchyan returned to Yerevan and started to work at Yerevan Electrotechnical factory. The same year he married Rima Karapetyan - a graduate of the Department of Chemistry of Polytechnic institute. Their first son, Samvel, was born in 1956 and the second, Stepan, in 1959.
Demirchyan started his career at the Electrotechnical factory from the lowest level: he worked as a processing engineer, foreman at the foundry, workshop manager. image Karen Demirchyan - secretaey of the party committee of Yerevan In 1958 Karen Demirchyan was elected the secretary of the party committee of the factory.
In 1959-1961 he studied at the High Party School of the Central Committee of CPSU. Upon graduation and his return to Yerevan Demirchyan was offered to start a professional party career. However, he preferred to stay in the industrial field and continue to work at the Electrotecnical factory. For some time he worked as a chief engineer and in 1962 was appointed director of the enterprise. In 1966, Demirchyan, however, made a decision to go into party activities. On Februry 12 the plenum of Yerevan party organization elected him a secretary of the City Committe. His immediate responsibilities in this position included control, regulation and coordination of the industrial, construction and transportation spheres of the city. After several years Demirchyan was elected the second secretary of Yerevan party organization and in 1971 a secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Armenia (CC CPA).