The industrial development in 1975-1987. Some details and figures.

image At "Radio-electronics" factory. The total capital investment in the years 1975-1987 made up 16.278 roubles which was approximately equal to that of the previous 50 years.

The annual growth rate of the industrial production made up 8.6% which was higher than the soviet average (7.6%).

The national income grew by 99% due to introduction of innovative technologies, development of modern branches of industry and optimal allocation of workforce.

The overfulfilment of budget receipts, mobilization of latent reserves and the growth of economical efficiency made it possible to invest additional 570 million roubles into the socio-cultural sphere during the years 1976-1980 which was 2.2 times more against the previous 5 years.

The aggregate industrial output grew from 2 to 3 times while the energy consumption remained at the same level.

During the period of 1975-1987 there were built, reconstructed, enlarged or rearranged 199 manufacturing enterprises. The modern branches of industry - electronics, precision engineering and electrical industry developed intensely and the share of their production in the aggregate industrial output grew from 18% to 21%.

image "Mars" factory. New industrial entities were built in other cities of the republic: Leninakan, Kirovakan, Spitak etc. as well as in rapidly developing satellite cities Hrazdan, Charentsavan, Abovyan etc. The last ones from rural districts turned into industrial centers. This fact brought to a decentralised structure of industry. If 70-75% of the industrial potential in the past was located in Yerevan and its neighbourhood, then now this proportion decreased to 40%.

During these years was built and began to operate the "Hrazdanmash" factory which supplied its production to numerous factories mainly in the military-industrial sector.

A number of factories were built which had no analog in the the Soviet Union: the "Lysine" factory, the firm material production plant "Almast", production of artificial corund. The construction of the only plant in the USSR for production of liquidized natural gas under pressure had been already started. Also was unique the automation controller production factory which later turned into "Mars" scientific production association.

Gas holders (gas storage reservoirs) with a total capacity of 200 million cubic meters were created.

Unprecedented was the development of light industry. If, formerly, Armenia ranked last among the soviet republics in this branch of production, then in 1975-1987 it was the leader and held this position for 13 consecutive years.

Products manufactured in Armenia were exported to 80 countries.